ARMIN. The evolutive tending robot for CNC machines automation

Industry 4.0 is a revolution in motion. Armin offers you the possibility to join the move at your own pace, taking over the repetitive tasks of loading and unloading of your CNC machines.

Your needs are evolving? Armin can be adapted; at any time, it is indeed very easy to change the storage system, to better fit your requirements.

You want a 100% custom made solution, such as a tool changer or a palletizing robot? Don't hesitate and contact our engineers!

Experienced millworkers, supported by continuous R&D efforts, developed the solution to perfectly respond to the needs of machining companies. Built in Belgium respecting highest quality standards, Armin grows with your company

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Armin NANO

With a floorspace of only 600x600 and a capacity of 5Kg, Armin NANO can already take care of lots of smaller pieces.

MH-Automation automation

Armin M Serie

Being fitted with a 1000x700mm table, the Armin M serie allows to treat several dozens of parts in a single batch.

MH-Automation automation

Armin T Serie

The T model of the Armin range, offer 3 trays, a configuration that triples the capacity per batch compared to the basic machine. You can also opt for several 3 trays racks, which can be easily exchanged using a simple pallet truck!

MH-Automation automation

Armin C Serie

The Armin C serie maximizes your capacity, by the use of a fully integrated and configuration free vision system. You simply place your parts on a 2000x600mm conveyor.