Pallet store

With the storage of zero point type pallets , you can keep your current manufacturing routes and processes while making your machine autonomous.

Mainly used for loading parts in small series or requiring complex positioning for which "human" fingering is essential, pallet stores allows you to offer great autonomy to your CNC machines .

Although our concepts are standardized , we still carry out tailor-made stores in order to optimize the number of pallets in the available space.

The use of 6-axis robots in these stores allows great flexibility of movement and therefore configuration. It is also possible to add blowing, rinsing, measuring cycles, ...

From 1 to xx pallets and from 1 to xx machines, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Store adapted to your needs
  • Pallets from 200 to 800 mm
  • Robot on track possible
  • Free choice of clamp brand
  • Large autonomy
  • You keep your clamping
  • Ease of use
  • Universal

Magasin palette

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