Client :
Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône (France)

Type of solution :
Chargement de pièces
ARMIN machine :
série L

DISCO POMPE manufactures tools and special machines but it is also a subcontractor in precision mechanics in all sectors.

The first Armin robot was delivered in early 2020.

Edouard Dupont, manager of the company, explains: “When we invested in a new multifunction turning/milling center (OKUMA MULTUS U3000), we immediately considered a complete automation in order to increase productivity and autonomy. To remain competitive, we must constantly optimize the manufacturing tool and costs.

The automation solution proposed by ARMIN has made it possible to increase the use of the machine from 8 hours a day to sometimes 20 hours in a row in total autonomy. The challenge was not easy given the great diversity of our production. But the result is there, the ARMIN L45 robotic cell with 4 supply tables makes it possible to load all types of parts and to chain up to 8 different productions. On our side, we have had to review our way of working to get the most out of the automation, but today our operators are concentrating on tasks with higher added value.

The selection criterion in favor of ARMIN was initially the possibility of using the robot as a bar feeder. But the solution offers much more than that, the versatility and flexibility are very advanced. We can do everything: load rounds, squares, left or right spindles, stack the pieces...

The ARMIN product is very interesting, open and above all scalable. The ARMIN team is very available and attentive to our requests for changes and optimizations. More than just listening, I greatly appreciated the technical proposals and the effective deployment on their part. The changes made were beyond the suggestions. »

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Customer testimonials

M35-Compact with accumulation conveyor

Haine-Saint-Pierre (Belgium)

Nicolas DAIX and Vincent SERVAIS, managers and partners: “The latest improvements have further increased the usability and functionality of the ARMIN software. It's fast and intuitive! In less than 15 minutes, we change production! "

2D conveyor and camera

Dumoulin aero
Alleur (Belgium)

Geoffroy Cammermans, CEO : « The installation went perfectly, everything works according to our expectations.  The ARMIN team is very responsive and attentive.  This allowed us to build a production cell meeting our needs on the basis of their standard solution. »


Dumoulin aero
Alleur (Belgium)

The modularity of ARMIN software made it possible to start up this cell without modifying the robot program.  In fact, simple configuration management (a vice or a lathe chuck) like complex machines (two spindles, two tables, roto pallets,…) is integrated to ARMIN. As a result, a configuration that seems "non-standard" is actually "standard" with ARMIN.

Bin picking with 3D vision


The Technical & Production Manager : « In order to meet the requirements of our aircraft manufacturer customers, we had to increase our productivity and reduce our costs.  It is with this objective that we contacted ARMIN to study the the automation of an OKUMA GENOS lathe.  I must admit today that the result has exceeded our expectations.

ERNAULT CNC lathe robotization

Le Palais-sur-Vienne (France)

Christophe Sécheret : « It was the first robot in our workshops.  The main drivers of this acquisition were competitiveness, the reduction of manufacturing cycles, the robustness of the process and the modernization of our plant ».

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