ARMIN Robotics - Who we are ?

ARMIN Robotics - Who we are ?

ARMIN Robotics was born 10 years ago from theneed for automation within the turning and machininh activity of its founder.

After having automated internal production inCNC turning and milling, the first projects for external customers have been made.

From a complementary activity at the beginning, the automation activitybecame the main activity and the solutions were developedfor always offer more to customers .

Our goal is to allow "plug & play"access" to robotics while offering a wide range of solutions for taking andcoin storage.

After years of development, we havetoday the widest range of solutions on the market with:

  • - tables
  • - drawers
  • - vertical storage units
  • - conveyors
  • - 2D vision
  • - 3D vision for bin picking applications
  • ...

And this while allowing you to program your robotfrom a tactile and intuitive interface .

The whole ARMIN Robotics team is committed tothis desire to make robotics simple and quick to access.

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharingwith you about your plans.

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rue de Houdeng 224 - 7070 Le Roeulx, Belgique

+32 64 70 03 80

ARMIN robotics contact thomas janquart

Thomas Janquart

+32 496 12 17 90

ARMIN robotics contact thomas janquart

Technical support

+32 64 70 03 81